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What will it be like to communicate in the ‘human-machine era’?

Watch our animations and tell us what you think, then see what others have said.

For example, would you trust a machine to translate for you at a business meeting, or on a date? Would you let a machine read your thoughts to ‘talk’ without words? Our animations below cover a range of scenarios we are likely to face as a new generation of wearable technologies transform the way we use language.

The four videos have been produced in collaboration between LITHME and the creative agencies Kala Ruudus (Estonia) and The Loupe (Luxembourg).

Together with the animations, LITHME has launched an international online survey to gain insights on the viewers’ attitudes towards the illustrated language technologies. Let us know what you think and take the survey here

1. Augmented conversation and automated translation

The video shows a future scenario of Augmented Reality embedded in a headset, without needing to look at a phone. This future device would translate people speaking other languages in real time, and filter their visual mouth movements to match the translation.

Animation by: Kala Ruudus

Click to tell us what you think about augmented conversation, and see what others are saying… [link to survey 1/4 in]

2. Language learning in Virtual Reality

The video shows a future use of Virtual Reality for learning a language – highly intelligent virtual characters, who could practise talking with you at any speed, and would never get bored of repeating things for you.

Animation by: Kala Ruudus

3. Accessibility and equality in new language technologies

The video shows some possible inequalities with future language technologies. At first these technologies will probably be better in ‘bigger’ languages (e.g., English, Spanish) than others (e.g., Basque, Yoruba), and completely unavailable in even smaller languages. And, for many more years, the tech will be much less effective for sign language.

Animation by: The Loupe

4. Mind-reading technology, and talking without speaking

The video shows a future use of Virtual Reality for The video shows technologies that are currently in development, for translating brain signals into words, or even allow communication without words. As the tech develops, this could work with only a small sensor cap, or hidden sensors elsewhere.

Animation by: The Loupe

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