Working groups

Figure: The figure represents the eight LITHME Working groups. The WG 1 is surrounded by the seven others.

LITHME’s eight Working Groups each focus on different research areas, led by specialists. They think through the likely influence of new and emerging language technologies on their fields of interest.

Members of LITHME are often in more than one Working Group. Indeed, the entire purpose of LITHME is to increase dialogue across different research areas.


In this working group, we are looking at…
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Language work is a broad field and language…
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In this working group, we are concerned with…
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Emerging technologies, such as VR and AI technologies,…
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A language’s vitality refers to its current and…
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Technology is not a particular feature of debate…
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Law is ‘carried’ by language; legal institutions are…
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Language, one of the main defining features of…
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