STSM call for applications

COST Action Language In The Human Machine Era is accepting applications for Short Term Scientific Missions (STSMs).

NOTE THE DEADLINE: 15 MARCH 2022, 23:59 Central European Time. One application per person. 
STSMs granted within this application period must be completed before 30 OCTOBER 2022. We will have future application rounds.

An STSM is an individual research visit to a host organization located in a different country than the country of affiliation, enabling the participant to gain and share knowledge. We are looking for people who know about language but not so much about technology, and vice versa, and who want to gain and share knowledge across those academic boundaries.

The STSM is a networking tool offered by COST, aimed at supporting individual mobility, strengthening existing networks and fostering collaboration between COST Action Participants. Each STSM should specifically contribute to the aims and objectives of LITHME (see our home page, our forecast report, and our Memorandum of Understanding), whilst also enabling participants to learn new techniques, and to gain access to specific data, instruments and/or methods not available in their own institutions. Participants do not need to cover all the topics of LITHME, but they should fit the profile of at least one Working Group, and ideally demonstrate learning across the interests of different Working Groups (especially between linguists and technology).

Financial support (up to EUR 4 000,00 per grant) is limited to cover travel, accommodation and meal expenses and is paid in the form of a Grant after the submission of an STSM report (template: 50% pre-grant is possible.

Eligibility and basic criteria

Grant applicants are Action participants with a primary affiliation to a legal entity located in a COST Full or Cooperating Member country, a COST Near Neighbour Country, or a European RTD Organisation. For definitions of the terms, see the Glossary. For further information, see Annex 2 of the Annotated Rules For Cost Actions. Applications that do not meet all eligibility criteria will not be considered.

Further LITHME-specific criteria

Before applying, please be sure to read more about LITHME-specific criteria on our website:

You can propose any duration for your STSM, though please note that the application results will be announced in April 15th 2022 and the mission must end by 30 October 2022. Further STSMs will be announced in subsequent Grant Periods.

In order to apply, the applicant should create an account in e-COST ( or log into e-COST and click on the Grant Applications tab. To encode a new application, the applicant clicks on ‘Apply for grant’ and selects the grant from the page ‘Apply for new grant’. The applicant should fill the application and upload the following supporting documents: 

  1. STSM grant Application (based on e-COST template:
  2. Confirmation of the host on the agreement from the host institution in receiving the applicant (confirmation should specify the dates of the STSM)

Any queries can be sent to our Grant Awarding Coordinator Agnieszka Doczekalska: grants (at)

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