Group photo of Porto training school participants

Training school in Porto: lively discussions and hands-on sessions

The second LITHME training school took place in Porto, Portugal, between May 30th and June 3rd, 2022. Around 60 participants and 10 trainers from a range of different research and professional interests from across Europe and beyond came together at the Faculdade de Letras of the University of Porto to discuss and explore the work of each of the working groups during the sessions. 

Working Group chairs and co-chairs led the sessions, with opportunities to discuss and debate the issues put forward in the workshops. Participants not only heard about the work of the working groups but also presented their own work in the form of a Pecha Kutcha – 20 slides of 20 seconds each to showcase their research. The Pecha Kutcha’s were great for stimulating discussions and facilitating networking opportunities which were continued over lunch, over dinner and on the bus towards the public Roadshow which was held at the Faculty of Engineering on the other side of town. 

The roadshow allowed the participants to get ‘hands-on’ with VR technology and listen to presentations from various companies – covering a wide range of technologies and linking to the various themes of the training school, all contributing to the wider discussions between participants, over bacalhau or one of the other specialities, sweet and savoury, that Porto’s cuisine had to offer, including during the training school dinner, with views overlooking the river and Porto. It was clear from the chatter and richness of the interactions that new networks and academic connections were being created, which will last beyond the duration of the training school event itself. 

Well done to all the participants who completed the ECTS diary during the workshop and were successful in gaining their credits. 

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