CONVERSATIONS – Examining language ideologies and possible effects on chatbot designs

LITHME members Sviatlana Höhn and Bettina Migge offered a two-hour group work on the topic of Attitudes, Preconceptions and Practices in Conversational AI Design at the CONVERSATIONS 2022 workshop.

The group work was prepared by Sviatlana Höhn, Bettina Migge, Britta Schneider and Doris Dippold. The group work introduced participants to the notion of language ideologies, examined participants language ideologies based on a survey that participants had filled in previously and then got participants to discuss various issues that had emerged in the survey and how that might affect chatbot design. The workshop was well attended and was very lively because people came from different professional backgrounds. 

CONVERSATIONS, the 6th International Workshop on Chatbot research, Application and Design took place on 22-23 November 2022 at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. The conference was a vibrant platform for lively discussions among university and company-based researchers in the area of Chatbots or conversational agents. Presentations and round-table discussions treated topics such as chatbot design and evaluation, evaluation of platforms for designing chatbots and current trends in the area, for example. Presentations dealt with different types of bots such as (mental) health, disability support, voter decision making, administrative service FAQs, cooking assistants.

Participants discussing during the workshop in a classroom

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