Two calls open for LITHME in-person events

As LITHME enters its third year, we are excited to announce two calls for fully-funded, in-person events. 

LITHME Training School 2023 is LITHME’s third international training school gathering students, scholars and non-academics to share ideas, make new networks, and co-create. The 2023 Training School will be held in Pristina, Kosovo. The local committee chair Dr. Eliot Bytyçi welcomes you to apply:

– We welcome you to LITHME’s third training school, this year being held in the capital of Kosovo, Prishtina. Kosovo is diverse and also languages are not an exception. But, being one of the youngest populations in Europe, with an average of around 30 years old, the cultural life is quite enriched. So, apply and let us enjoy wonderful Prishtina on June 2023.

The call is open until January 15th. The notification of acceptance is February 27th and the training school will be held June 5-9 2023.

At the same time LITHME launches a call for submissions for the 3rd International Conference ‘Language in the Human-machine Era’. Where the Training School is open for anyone interested in LITHME themes, the Conference especially invites active LITHME Working Group members. The Action Chair, Dave Sayers, adds:

– LITHME is a big active interdisciplinary network, and the conference is where everything comes together and the real magic happens! Whether you are a language technology specialist wanting to forge interdisciplinary links with linguistics, or a linguist with an interest in the effects of emerging technologies, we want to hear from you! No specialist expertise needed, only good ideas about the future of language technology.

The Conference will be held at the University of Groningen, May 15-16 2023. The call is open until March 1st. The notification of acceptance is March 30th.

But no worries if this time you will not be able to join either of the events. LITHME will publish some of the teaching materials from the training school plus presentations from the conference after the events; and both events will repeat in 2024. Please follow us on social media to learn more.

More on Training school 2023:

More on the Conference 2023: 

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